Our design and planning team understand how spatial requirements, standards and clientele translate into facility design, and are equipped to provide you with an evaluation of a successful fitness facility design. The team supports a large global perspective as we bring all elements into the design process.

Today, many club owners are also concerned with discovering new ways to carve out a niche to give them differentiation among the competition, which is causing them to rethink what services they offer and how do they get there.

Technology is playing a larger part in facility design every year, including advances in audio/visual equipment, technology-supported fitness equipment and biofeedback tools. Facility design needs to support current and future technologies, which requires facilities to be more flexible than ever. Our partners at ADS provide such tools that both deliver and embrace this ever expaning technology thrust.

Getting in front of the design element and making "planning" your best friend, will prove to be the smartest business decisions in the room.

STEP 1: Our team will begin with your basic layout, incorporate the tools you envision to be the winning recipe for success and deliver a fantastic 2D layout.

STEP 2: Finalize the 2D design and agree on colors, textures and any special features needed within your new or redesigned space. ADS creates a Box 3D design to show walls, some shadowing and visual perception of how your facility will look once it is complete. This Box 3D is not a HD 3D that looks like a photograph, however it gives you the much needed elements of how your space will take shape.

STEP 3: Provided you choose to create the Premium Package we will then create a HD 3D series of designs that look like photo quality. These images not only give you the look and feel of the final product at its best, but you also have high quality assets to use for Pre-Sales, uploading on your website and social networks to drive awareness and excitement as well as posting within your facility on either high quality posters or digital signage. In addition to the HD 3D designs, you will receive a robust Design Manual. Within the manual you will find industry standards for space, lighting, safety and other areas of concern when remodeling or starting fresh with a new space. All items shown in your designs will have attached quoting from the manufacturer or vendor to speed your time to construction along, giving you adequate accounting support for the project you are preparing to begin. This is an important part of how we "connect the dots" for you.


If you choose a good design professional, the decision to upgrade should have a strong influence from ROI. When doing a redesign, focus on the areas that have the most opportunity in your facility for increased revenue. It’s important to remember that facility design is not about vanity, but about focused deployment of the resources available to you. For example, one of the fastest growing areas is small group training. Without a great area to sell, activate and deploy a strong small group training program, increasing your club's revenue in that area is going to be difficult.


You will need to renovate your fitness class lineup. This is done by designing class formats that assist members with goals that include general conditioning, adherence and accountability. Schedule free beginner classes several times during the week and promote them as learning classes, demonstrations or clinics. Invite all to attend the general conditioning classes and educate them about when and how to move into the specialized, fee-based classes that will take their fitness outcomes to higher levels. These fee-based options should be scheduled at prime times daily. Invite regulars, renewing members and prospects to attend sample fee-based classes and offer them a member-only punch card or fee option as they get started. Redesign the group fitness room with a focus on your newly branded programming options. Your facility will most likely need to transform the look and the feel of the group fitness room to create an environment that will promote the fee-based programming. Owners of facilities challenged with only one studio will need to figure out how to share the space or move some of the programming to the workout floor, outdoors or in offices. You may want to add room dividers, wall and/or floor graphics as well as finding creative storage for equipment.


Getting started is as simple as contacting and scheduling an appointment for one of our design team members to have a discussion with you. To get a head start, you could begin by completing the automated design form on this site. Once it is submitted, our team will receive your responses and begin putting together an initial plan and then contact you directly. Contact Us