Rolled Vinyl Flooring Rubber Backing

Active Design Systems offers a Rolled Vinyl Flooring that produces a beautiful synthetic wood-grain surface which is fusion bonded to a 5mm base layer Rubber Backing. The result is beautiful flooring that looks like real wood, but is more economical, durable, and easier to clean.

* Ergonomic
* Sound Reduction
* Hygienic Heat Welded Seams
* Uniform Color
* Insulated Surface

Q. Will the colors displayed on your site match the colors that I actually receive?
A. The color on your screen may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. We display the most accurate quality images provided directly from the manufacturer.

Q. Can I find this tile anywhere, like Home Depot or Lowes?
A. No, the floor coverings that our sourcing department offers to our clients is only available through special consideration of design consulting professionals.

Q. Are there any exclusions or limitations to the warranties?
A. Any manufacturer’s warranties do not cover normal wear and tear. The product should be used as intended indoors (unless specified as Indoor-Outdoor) in normal temperature and humidity range. Please request the manufacturer's warranty documentation for more details.

Q. Can I use rugs or mats on my luxury vinyl floor?
A. Yes, as long as they are labeled “colorfast” by the manufacturer. We recommend non-staining vinyl-backed mats or woven rugs. We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats due to some of the chemicals used in the backing can permanently stain your floor.

Q. Do I need to wax my Luxury Vinyl Tile floor?
A. No, that’s one of the best benefits of using a Luxury Vinyl Tile for your floor covering, they simply resist staining, and are easy to clean and require no waxing.